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Innovative Products 


Drywall Magic Hook™


Save Your New Paint Wall

Great for home, apartment , office  etc any drywall you want to hang things but don't want to make a big hole on it.Only make a tiny , unnoticeable hole.


Buy 2 Sets Get 1 Set Free Plus Free Shipping  ( Best Buy)

The amazing magic hook is a unique drywall hook for hanging object like mirror picture etc. Holds up to 75 Ibs

Most Easiest Way To Hang 

Takes only seconds 


Introduce the Eco-Smart ScrubberPowerful scrub brush for outdoors & indoors use.

Scrub Away Mold, Moss, Dirt , & Grime.

Fast Easy  No Backbreaking

Clean Twice As Fast

Save    80% Water

For Car ,R.V.Patio Deck Window & Bathroom etc.Just hook it with Your Garden Hose


The Floor Saver Plus is an 18-piece modular system adjustable and reusable plant stand.

It protects carpets, wood floors, etc from mildew stain and dry rot.

It prevents buildup of dirt and insects under and around pots as it elevates pot to allow airflow.  The adjustable and reusable cell units easily slides in and out and hide under any size and shape container.

It holds up to 500 lbs.